Aisle Ceremony Music

Add that personal touch and have your choice of music during the wedding ceremony.

Wedding aisle in castle setting. Chairs decorated with pink covers. Disco lights project roses on the wall. Wedding DJ setup ready to play music for the procession.  Wedding aisle with ceremony music playing. Elegant wedding DJ setup in white.

Outdoor wedding aisle in wooded area. Elegant disco system ready to play ceremony music.

Customise your entire ceremony music experience from start to finish;


Feel the excitement and anticipation. You are just about to get married. Enhance the mood with some love songs or calm your nerves with some Ibiza chill out. It’s up to you.


Imagine your grand entrance as you walk down the aisle to the love of your life. You’ve probably been thinking about nothing else for the last few weeks. Now imagine the same thing with your favourite Ballard as your entrance theme.

Signing Music

It’s the most formal part of your wedding. But it doesn’t have to be done in total silence. Add in some relaxing romantic music and enjoy your personal favorites playing the background.


It’s time to chill out and relax. At this point the formalities are now over and you’re married. Congratulations. Why not celebrate by dropping some upbeat chart hits into the mix, because your going to want to dance!

Newlywed couple signing the registry. Wedding flowers decorate the background.

When choosing your songs you don’t have to listen all the way through. We can play the favourite parts from your favourite songs and start from the most emotion part.

We will provide a totally separate discrete compact system. The DJ will control the music throughout the entire ceremony.

Aisle music sounds easy right? Wrong! Please don’t just hand an Ipod to the hotel manager. We’ve never seen it go right!

So get hitched without a hitch and book DJ Maddox for a seamless ceremony music experience.


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