Birthday DJ

“It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday. I’ma spend some money!”

Make sure you spend some on DJ Maddox and go all out with your birthday entertainment.



You think only Will.I.Am can live his birthday fantasy? Well probably, but he’s got a lot of money. We can do you the next best thing a give you an awesome party you won’t forget.

Besides you don’t need a ton of birthday money to have a good time, but it DOES help!

We specialise in 18th birthday parties. You only get one shot at you’re 18th so for gods sake get it right! You’ll be 19 next year and it all goes downhill from there!

If you’re not 18 that’s ok too. No matter how old you are we’ll make you feel like you’re 18! Even if your 16. So book yourself an 18th birthday party whatever your age!



You want a surprise party? That’s going to be difficult with our 4KW sound system and ultra bright lighting rig. They are going to smell a surprise party from a mile away. Besides they already know!

If you do want a truly surprise them, make it a pleasant one. Book DJ Maddox. “SUPRISE! we booked a decent DJ”.

Do you want to take some selfies whilst you still got your looks?

Then book our Photo Booth Mirror before it’s too late. Take selfies all night long. Stretch out your double chin and practice pouting. If it’s already too late then chuck on a load of props to cover your wrinkles, we’ve got tons! Props that is not wrinkles.

Here is a picture of our Mojo Photo Mirror. Put some Mojo into your wedding and book the Photo Mirror Package Here it's setup up for a wedding at Hensol Castle in Cardiff. South Wales   

So get the pictures sorted with all your friends & family, before another year goes by. It’s the best way to remember your party! Instantly upload to Facebook and Instagram to share the memories.

Unlimited prints included as standard so everyone gets a copy!

We’ve also got Photobooths for the shy types who do their pouting in private.

So go ahead and spoil yourself rotten. Book DJ Maddox! After all it’s your birthday and you deserve it! Just please don’t stay in playing scrabble.


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